Then and Now: Clear Channel Reception in the Upper Midwest

In the early decades of radio, network radio programming was similar to today’s TV network programming, with nightly blocks of entertainment shows broadcast on stations from coast to coast. Here is a look at some of the big “clear channel” stations reaching the Upper Midwest carried back in the late 1940’s and what they’re carrying now:

Freq. City Late 1940’s Now
540 Watrous, SK CBK, CBC Trans-Canada CBK, CBC Radio One
650 Nashville WSM, Country WSM, Classic Country
660 New York WNBC, NBC WFAN, Sports
670 Chicago WMAQ, NBC WSCR, Sports
700 Cincinnati WLW, Mutual WLW, News/Talk (ABC)
720 Chicago WGN, Mutual WGN, News/Talk
740 Toronto CBL, CBC Trans-Canada CFZM, Classic Hits
750 AtlantaWSB, NBC WSB, News/Talk (ABC)
760 Detroit WJR, CBS WJR, News/Talk (WW1)
770 New York WJZ, ABC WABC, News/Talk (ABC)
780 Chicago WBBM, CBS WBBM, All News (CBS)
810 Schenectady WGY, NBC WGY, News/Talk (FOX)
820 Dallas WBAP, NBC WBAP, News/Talk (WW1)
830 Minneapolis WCCO, CBS WCCO, News/Talk (CBS)
840 Louisville WHAS, CBS WHAS, News/Talk (ABC)
850 Denver KOA, NBC KOA, News/Talk (ABC)
860 Toronto CJBC, CBC DominionCJBC, Ici Radio-Canada Première
870 New Orleans WWL, CBS WWL, News/Talk (CBS)
880 New York WCBS, CBS WCBS, All News (CBS)
890 Chicago WLS, ABC WLS, News/Talk (ABC)
990 Winnipeg CBW, CBC Trans-Canada CBW, CBC Radio One
1000 Chicago WCFL, ABC/Mutual WMVP, Sports (ESPN)
1020 Pittsburgh KDKA, NBC KDKA, News/Talk (CBS)
1030 Boston WBZ, NBC WBZ, News/Talk (CBS)
1040 Des Moines WHO, NBC WHO, News/Talk (FOX)
1060 Philadelphia KYW, NBC KYW, All News (CBS)
1090 Little Rock (not yet 50kW) KAAY, Christian
1100 Cleveland WTAM, NBC WTAM, News/Talk (ABC)
1110 Omaha KFAB, CBS KFAB, News/Talk (ABC)
1120 St. Louis KMOX, CBS KMOX, News/Talk (CBS)
1160 Salt Lake City KSL, CBS KSL, News/Talk (NBC)
1180 Rochester, NY WHAM, ABC WHAM, News/Talk (FOX)
1190 Fort Wayne WOWO, CBS (no longer class A)
1500 St. Paul KSTP, NBC KSTP, Sports (ESPN)
1520 Oklahoma City KOMA, CBS KOKC, News/Talk (WW1)
1530 Cincinnati WCKY WCKY, Sports (ESPN)
1540 Waterloo KXEL, ABC KXEL, News/Talk (FOX)